Just for fun, I thought I’d publish my predictions for this year’s WWDC.

It is pretty much a combination of the obvious, pure speculation and a wish list. Some of this I expect Apple will announce at WWDC in June, and some of it I just hope they do.

Don’t take any of it too seriously; Apple will do what Apple will do, and nothing we say here will change that.

Overall, I expect there will be four main areas:

  • Apple Watch updates
  • Pay updates
  • Next version of iOS, Mac OS, Watch OS
  • New TV


  • New bands: Gold links, other new bands, maybe new watch face(s), but no new models
  • Update to Watch OS (see below)


  • Expand to new countries (maybe just announcements of future expansion)
  • Integration with web payments. That is, allow web sites to accept Pay for payment. (See below where I talk about TouchID support on the Mac.)

iOS 9

Keep in mind, almost all of the items I list below will also apply to Mac OS X 10.11. They’re in no particular order.

  • Camera/photos filters
  • Group FaceTime
  • Updated Mail, Calendars
  • Reminders to include easy lists (e.g. creation/mark off of shopping list)
  • Motion detector update to include cycling
  • iMessage/Facebook Messenger/Weibo integration
  • Language translations (a la WordLens, which is now integrated into Google’s Translate app). See also Siri below
  • Updated Reminders
  • Better control over Notifications
  • Updated iBooks
  • Integrate HBO, etc into Videos app via in-app purchase/subscription
  • Weather to provide local rain notifications (a la DarkSky)
  • Weather app for iPad
  • More new emojis as part of Unicode 7.0 update (e.g. Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended)
  • Two-factor authentication app/solution (maybe integrated with TouchID)
  • Better password management (maybe integrated with TouchID)


  • Better turn-by-turn directions
  • Choice of overlays: shops, POI, restaurants, etc
  • Integrated public transport


  • Streaming music
  • Beats integration
  • Re-vamped music app


  • General update for ease of use, display, etc
  • Siri update to provide more services
  • More integration with Apple’s apps
  • Spoken language translation (e.g. “Siri, translate this”, and let a person talk and have the translation appear on the screen)
  • More sports results from around the world (e.g. cricket, rugby, etc)


  • General update for ease of use, display, etc
  • Health app to provide heart-rate input via camera
  • Track other items: workouts, swimming, cycling, water/caffeine consumption, sleep
  • Map walking/running/cycling, etc
  • Track workouts (e.g. running, cycling, skiing, etc): show maps, avg speed, max speed, time between runs, individual runs/laps, etc

Mac OS X 10.11 “El Dorado”

Most items listed above will also apply to Mac OS X, so I won’t repeat them here. But some things will apply just to the Mac:

  • It probably won’t be called El Dorado
  • Fix for wifi/networking issues
  • Add TouchID support via linked iPhone (similar to MacID app), especially from within Safari
  • Updated iTunes app (Please, please, please break it into several apps!)
  • Bring Siri to Mac
  • Add Health tracking app to Mac


  • General update and bug fixes
  • Native apps


  • Completely new interface
  • New Hardware
  • New remote app for iPhone/Apple Watch
  • SDK for developers?