Note: This is part of a multi-part post about advertising. See “All About Advertising” for the start of the series, and for links to the other parts.

Type 4:  “Garage Sale” Advertising

This is typically an event that the person doesn’t know about but, if they were to be told about it, they might be interested.

This is the important bit: these are typically events; this is not business as usual. 

This is something that is new, e.g. a new product announcement, sales and special offers, bands and sporting events coming to your town, exhibitions and shows, etc.

It may also be an event that is new to you, not new to the seller. For example, if you get pregnant you might now want to know about baby products, where you wouldn’t have previously.

This is a really interesting form of advertising, and I don’t think anybody really does this very well, at the moment. This is typically the the type of advertising that gets talked about where companies think they need to know more about you so that they can target you better with this kind of advertising.

It’s very hard to do. I don’t have an answer to how to do it well. The best examples that I can give are:

  • Amazon and their “Customers who bought this also liked these other products” lists
  • Apple’s genius playlists where, if you like this music, then here are 25 other songs that go well with it